About Us

Tender Hearts was established in September of 1999 with the hope of providing quality childcare in a safe and healthy learning environment. Both of our centers serve infant to school age children in an environment where learning is enhanced. Before and after school care is offered during the school year and we offer a summer program for children ages 5-12.

We are proud to be affiliated with Early Head Start at both sites.

Director's Personal Mission Statement
As the Owner and Director of Tender Hearts Preschool & Daycare, my professional mission is to provide a safe, loving, and educational environment for young children to spend their days at my center. To accomplish this goal I am committed to providing professional support and training for my staff. I will make every effort to build strong, professional relationships with my staff that is built on constant communication. I want all staff to work with me as a team to provide a unified partnership to our children and families. I will continually work to strengthen the partnership we have with parents, as well as staff members. By holding true to my beliefs in quality childcare I declare to own and direct a center that sets a standard of excellence.

Tender Hearts Preschool & Daycare will provide a quality childcare environment. The program will focus on the individual needs of each child and family. The staff will strive to provide a caring, loving environment where children can build their self-esteem and learn how their actions affect others in their environment. We will provide children with various opportunities to learn through art, music, science, dramatic play, language, and independent play activities. We will encourage parent involvement in our activities. We will talk with children, not talk at them, with language they can understand. We feel that it is our responsibility to provide children with a clean, safe learning environment that stimulates a positive learning and growing experience.

About the Program
Tender Hearts Preschool and Childcare provides year-round, quality childcare, and is licensed by the state of Kansas.

The Program includes:
Waiting List
When Tender Hearts is filled to capacity, names are placed on a waiting list by age group. When openings occur, applicants are contacted by phone on a first-come, first-serve basis. A few more things about the waiting list: Nutrition
Tender Hearts will provide a nutritious lunch and two snacks daily. Menus will be posted. Breakfast will not be provided, but children are welcome to bring breakfast foods. Tender Hearts will provide milk. Breakfast will not be served after 7:30am. You cannot bring food in for your child to eat, except for breakfast food. We also do not allow children to chew gum or bring candy in to eat.

Field Trips
In the event your child’s class will be attending a field trip, a permission slip will be posted and needs to be signed by a legal parent or guardian. If you do not sign the permission form your child will be unable to attend. In the event that your child brings a sack lunch, please remember that we will refuse to serve the children pop. Please make sure you child is dressed appropriately for all field trips.

Severe Weather Closing
If Tender Hearts is closed due to inclement weather, no payment for childcare is required. Listen to local radio/TV stations for school closings.

Security Features
For security reasons, all doors will be locked from the outside, with the exception of the main entrance, to prevent anyone from entering without being seen. There will be a security keypad in the lobby to allow entrance to the classrooms. There will also be security cameras in each classroom to ensure against questionable behavior.


It is necessary that Tender Hearts meet all persons responsible for picking up your child at departure time. We must have in writing on you child’s application all persons that are permitted to pick up your child. Any person that comes to pick up your child will be required to show proof of identification. All children should have a car seat to transport in. Each parent or guardian will be issued a personal identification number to gain access to the classroom. If the person picking up the child arrives under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we will not release the child. Other arrangements will have to be made to have the child picked up.